Choosing an Online Digital Marketing Company

A few days ago I was at a business breakfast where someone asked me what my take was on an online digital marketing company. I honestly don’t know what their pitch was as they were not dressed nor well groomed, and spoke mostly in a raspy voice. I tried to engage with them, but my mind quickly went to an unrelated thought and I couldn’t quite stop myself from saying, “You shouldn’t be advertising with them!” That’s when I realized it was an online advertising company trying to sell me advertising!

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There are plenty of online digital marketing services out there. However, I’m sure you’ve seen the recent negative press about certain companies who are simply after your hard earned cash and have no sincere interest in helping you grow your business. I recently read an article on my local newspaper site which mentioned an online digital marketing company by one of their advertising partners. Their pitch: “We work with leading online media companies to provide our clients with top quality digital marketing services that help us develop new ideas and media that engage with our customers.” Sounds good, right?

Wrong! As soon as I read that I immediately had a vision of all of those people who have been tricked by what I described above, the ones who made me promise never to work with an online digital marketing company or any affiliate marketer ever again. They’re out there spending their hard earned money to buy a pay per click ad network or an affiliate marketing program membership, and they end up stuck wondering why they spent so much with this company or that one. This is why it’s so important to understand how you can protect yourself and what your options are if you find yourself working with an online affiliate marketer or pay per click ad network who isn’t really interested in helping you build your online business.

Before you work with anyone, first ask them what they offer that would best fit your advertising needs. Once you’ve found a reputable marketing company that offers what you’re looking for, take a good look at their track record. What has this company done that was different than other affiliate marketer’s efforts in similar markets? What makes them stand out?

This will be an easy question to answer, but one that is often overlooked. A strong history of building and maintaining strong channels on a variety of platforms and in a wide variety of industries is the hallmark of a great online marketing company. It also shows that their advertisers and channel partners are willing to put their trust in them, that they can handle all of the channels you need, and that they have a plan for launching new marketing strategies. Look for social media marketing in their portfolio of campaigns, and talk to their advertisers about how well their current campaigns are doing. While you should expect some overlap between their campaigns, keep in mind that they should concentrate on a specific niche and model in digital media marketing.

The final consideration when choosing an online marketing company is whether or not they have a full-service advertising agency that can help you achieve your goals. Agencies like these work with clients to develop a strategy, develop the content to be published, and help with other aspects of internet marketing such as pay per click management, search engine optimization, and banner ads. In order to effectively market through the internet, you need to have a strategy in place, and an experienced advertising group to execute that strategy. These types of experts can help you reach your business goals faster and more efficiently than you ever imagined possible. With a full-service advertising agency by your side, you can achieve your online marketing goals quicker and achieve even greater success.