Is It Better Than A Managed Hosting Plan?

Cloudways is not like most of the web hosting services you will have come across before. Where many web hosting providers will either lease you server space from somewhere else or use another person or hardware (e.g. Kinsta uses Google Cloud Platform)

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Unlike most cloud hosting solutions you won’t need to maintain any type of software. With cloudways, you simply upload whatever files you want and they will be available to the public Internet without any additional management. This makes it a good solution for businesses that may not have the time or knowledge to maintain their own server resources.

One other advantage cloudways has is that it allows your developers to test their web application without any interference from you. When using a managed hosting service you typically make changes to your code in increments and this can disrupt your development process. Developers often need to re-submit code or merge large amounts of changes to get things working correctly. Using a platform that makes it easy for you to test and revise your application code makes things a lot easier and reduces frustration.

So, how does cloudways hosting compare to traditional web hosting? Cloudways works similarly to most other cloud hosting services. You upload your data to the cloud where other web hosts take over the maintenance of the servers. You basically just pay less for your services because you have fewer problems with outages or down time.

E.g. A small business with twenty clients may want to consider using a cloud hosting provider rather than a traditional web hosts. Because cloudways allows you to instantly scale up and down as needed without much downtime, your clients can continue to be online without worry. The e.g. ten websites hosted on one server might have issues with outages if there was a large outage at that particular moment.

E.g. If ten sites had a massive outage, the cloud providers would still be online and able to serve those clients. Because of this there is very little downtime for cloud providers and this means that your clients will be able to quickly access your site. This also reduces your server resources making your sites load faster and more efficiently.

This is the main reason that a lot of small businesses choose cloudways platform over a managed hosting provider. Not only does it make the site available and viewable to the users but it also makes the site much more responsive, especially during peak hours. With managed hosting you often have to deal with long load periods and server resources which not only add up to your overall expenses but can be very problematic when you are trying to get customers. With cloudways platforms you can view your site live as it happens and you can have the added benefit of experiencing a highly responsive and updated site in a timely manner without any server downtime.

The main plus of cloud hosting is that you don’t have to spend money on a monthly CDN subscription. The platform itself takes care of the continuous maintenance of the website and also provides you with a high quality experience. The two major cloud hosting providers i.e., Istock and HostGator offer very similar features and the pricing is similar as well. The two major benefits of using a CDN are that your site will be constantly viewable around the clock and you get an excellent degree of bandwidth due to the large number of visitors.